Friday, July 31, 2009

Science Works Museum

We went to the Science Works Museum in Ashland yesterday. Mel wasn't able to go, he had to work. We missed him though. Dad, Mom, Jason, Shelli and the kids all went. We had a lot of fun! Jason is so funny. I wish I could have just followed him around so I could laugh all day! I have the greatest sister in law in all the world! I love Shelli so much! We just laughed and laughed and had fun playing at the museum. I didn't understand why they made adults pay $7.50 to get in until I started playing and having fun! It was way fun. BUT - For all the money we paid (I mean my parents treated us to) to get into that place, you think they'd clean the bathroom. I had to go so badly so I went in the bathroom, and turned around walked right out. I would've rather pee'd my pants.
AJ's favorite part of the museum was the bubble room.This was cool! You can see the bubble popping!

From this picture, I'm assuming Jason loved the bubble room too!

Andy's favorite part of the museum was this cool tennis ball shooter. I should have taken a picture of it, cause there is no way I could ever explain it!

I think Shelli enjoyed the thing she's sitting in. You sit in this chair and "try" to pull yourself up. She tried, that's all I'm going to say about that.
Autumn, I think, liked me taking pictures of her. =)

I think Aiden liked everything, cause he was ALL over the place!
Awwwww, and here is Grammy! I think she liked watching all of us kids play!
Well, this was the best picture we could get from all of the Gale-Galli hypers. We tried and that's all that matters! All the pictures I took of Asher didn't come out at all! I am so mad! I'll take some more of him when we see them next!
Jason and Shelli treated us all to Pizza Hut (Shelli's most favorite place) after the museum. My kids were so excited! Plus, my parents and Jason and Shelli suprised Andy and brought him a bunch of birthday presents! Which, he LOVED by the way!! Autumn made him the rocket he's holding. She made it with a cup, paper and markers! All by herself! It's so adorable! It's even cuter that Andy has been holding it all day, making sure it's "safe" so nobody ruins it! He loves that rocket just as much as he loves the lego's they bought him!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Andy!!!

Happy Birthday ANDY!
Aunty Melody let us have his birthday at her house. We were going to have it at the park, but it being 115 degrees that day, we decided NOT to have it there! It was just a small family birthday party. We promised him that we would have a "real" birthday party in a few weeks when we have a little bit more money. BUT, He LOVED his little birthday party though! He got a bunch of Narnia stuff and some kid books about the animals of Narnia. I read them "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" over the summer. He really liked it especially. Melvy also bought him some used PS2 games, which he just about fell over from excitement about. He is amazing with video games. Melvy also bought him a football, hoping it would spark some interest for him. So far, no luck!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Swimming FUN!

We go swimming every day at Uncle Bill and Aunt Caryn's house. Their pool is so beautiful and perfect for us! They also have a big property with lots of toys. We love the trampoline! But lately it's been so hot we just stay in the pool ALL day! Here are some pictures I have taken over the last few days.
We are so proud of AJ! Just last week AJ was really scared about swimming in the "deep end" by himself. He is a very cautious little boy and always has been! BUT out of the blue, he asked me to catch him while he went down the slide, and so I did. Then, next, he asked me to back up a little further, and so I did... and then all by himself, the next slide down he told me to back all the way up and catch him if he drownded (his words exactly).... It was a very happy day for him! He called Daddy immediately after he slid down and swam all the way across!

AND THEN, there is Andy! He is not afraid of much and will try anything! Yesterday, I had to pry him off of the 2nd floor deck -- he was going to jump off it onto the trampoline, again. He just didn't understand why I wouldn't let him do it again- after watching him fly through the air, hit the trampoline, and bounced about 15 feet up while he flipped and landed on his back and neck. I thought he was dead for sure, BUT NO!!! He jumped right up and said, " MOM! Did you see that! That was awesome! I'm gonna do it again and show you!!" That's when I said, "NO NO NO, I already saw enough!!!"

There are two things I LOVE to take pictures of... First, is my kids feet and shoes, and second, is their backs. Little boys always have the cutest little tan lines and most adorable little back muscles.... I just love it. Call me weird! I don't care!

AJ's eyes are so very sensitive to sunlight, just like his mommy! It is so difficult to get a picture of him with his eyes opened or without his hands covering his eyes! It is really funny to watch him when the sun is bugging him. He puts his hands over his eyes and makes goggles with his fingers! It's so funny! I'll have to take a picture of him doing that and post it!

I had to take pictures of some of the pretty flowers around the pool. Reminds me of California! Oh how I miss California!

Visit to Grammy and Papa's

Today we went to visit Grammy and Papa.
This was the drive there......

The boys were so good on the way there. It was actually relaxing!

Mel and I basically dropped the boys off to play so we could go get a raft we saw on craigslist. The guy wanted to trade for an ipod. We ended up giving him both of our ipods since we never use them. Anyways, we couldn't stay long at Grammy and Papa's, so we had to leave. We were sad about leaving because Jason, Shelli and the kids were coming, but we couldn't stay that long. BUT just as we were leaving, GUESS who showed up EARLY!!!

And this is what happened....

Jason got the hose out and started squirting all the kids, and of course they LOVED it!

And ..... this was the drive home....................

AJ's Feet

Andy's Feet

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Best Friend

Pray for a miracle!!
The top two pictures are some pictures I took of their family the day before she went in to have a tumor removed from her brain. These were taken 6 months ago. I wish I could put all the pictures up, but I just picked their two favorite ones. Robyn's Dr. told her about 3 weeks ago, that she had 4 to 6 weeks to live. She has her good days, and her bad days. The cancer has metastasized throughout her body and causing her a lot of pain. Some days, she feels good though, and we thank GOD for those days! She truly is an amazing woman who loves the Lord. At this point in time, she is very confused and has quite a bit of anxiety. I don't blame her at all for being this way. I believe it's the tumors in her brain causing all this confusion for her. She gets very frustrated because she can't get up and do things for herself or the kids, and that would be very frustrating for anyone. She has a great attitude considering everything that she is going through.
Pleas pray for her, her husband Matt and their four kids, Bradley (10), Jack (6), Max (5) and Kate (2) and all of the extended family. The children don't know what is going on. Matt and Robyn have decided not to tell them anything. The kids do know that their mommy is sick and to pray for her. I've been praying that they tell their kids before the fact, that way they can help them deal with their confused thoughts and feelings.
I love my best friend so dearly, and it pains me greatly to think that she will be leaving this life and leaving us all behind... but at the same time, I am so jealous! She gets to see our Jesus before me! She always does everything first!! She will be pain free and happy and have all of her questions answered and be with Jesus waiting for all of us to see her again! As of now, we are all soaking her up as much as we can, and showing her how much we love her and her family.

My best friend!!! Us being ourselves - goofy as usual!
(taken about 2 weeks ago)

<------Annie & Robyn ------>